Cats have traditionally taken a back seat to dogs in veterinary medicine. Dr. Marla McGeorge founded this feline centered practice in 1994 to focus exclusively on the health of cats and kittens. An important foundation of this cats only practice is recognition of cats' natures. Knowledge of cat behavior is the basis of a health care delivery system designed to work for cats to provide optimum care with a minimum of stress.

Unlike the traditional dog and cat clinic, patients are scheduled for long appointment times . This allows the cats time to relax and explore the exam room . Feline massage is used to help relax patients during the physical examination. The long appointment time is used to explore and discuss all aspects of the feline patient 's health and lifestyle.

 In the management of chronic disease, follow up care and continuing consultations with the treating doctor are important. We recognize that cats do not like multiple visits to the clinic so to minimize the number of in clinic visits we provide much of the follow-up care by digital visits (telephone and email).  This allows the doctors to provide the best continuing care at a lower cost and with a minimum of stress to the patient.

            In the conventional dog and cat clinic, general practitioners provide many types of care including both internal medicine and surgery.  Our doctors  focus on providing cat centered internal medicine, management of behavioral issues and feline dentistry.  For specialized care such as surgery, advanced diagnostic procedures, cardiology, oncology, neurology, and critical and emergency care, we believe our patients are best served oncology, neurology, and critical and emergency care.

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