• A complete examination of all body systems and a consultation with you about your cat's lifestyle is the cornerstone of sound medical care.

Diagnostic Testing

  • Laboratory testing is not just for sick cats. We offer screening tests for diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid and kidney disease. Our goal is to detect health problems as soon as possible and work with you to control .


  • Our doctors and technicians are experienced in safe and comfortable feline anesthesia.   

 Radiology Services

  • In addition to X-rays, we provide on-site ultrasounds with a veterinary radiologist. 
  • All of our xrays are interpreted by veterinary radiologists.  


  • The doctors are experienced in feline dental problems and treatments including oral surgery. 
  • Oral surgery is performed only by doctors who have recieved training in oral surgical techniques.
  • For specialized treatments, a veterinary dental specialist is available in the clinic.

Dietary  and Weight Loss Counseling

  • Excess weight contributes to arthritis, constipation, lack of grooming and an increased risk of diabetes
     and urinary tract problems. We can help with a program for safe weight loss. 

  Behavioral Counseling

  • If your cat is avoiding the litter box or scratching the furniture, we can help. And we can help you to enrich the environment of your indoor cats.


  • Our technicians can preform lion cuts, sanitary trims and nail trims in the clinic.