Marla J. McGeorge, DVM

Dr. McGeorge received her veterinary medical degree in 1992 from Oregon and Washington State Universities, following a career as a trial lawyer. For the past 15 years, she has practiced feline medicine exclusively both in the clinic and on the road. In 1994, Dr. McGeorge established Oregon's first and only feline exclusive mobile clinic, Cat Calls Mobile Cat Clinic. Several years later, she opened The Cat Doctor in southwest Portland. In 2007, The Cat Doctor moved to a new home in a converted, 113 year old house. She has participated in the veterinary community as a past president of the Portland Veterinary Medical Association and  is currently serving a term on the Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board. She ia a past president of the Board of Directors of the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon.  Dr. McGeorge is a member of the Board of DIrectors of The Cat Adoption Team, a non-profit shelter and hospital for cats and kitten.

Dr. McGeorge believes the role of the feline practitioner is to promote feline health by focusing exclusively on health issues unique to cats. Familiarity with the feline behaviors and needs is essential if cats are to receive the medical care they deserve.  Dr. McGeorge's experience with cats is reflected in her practice philosophy which emphasizes the importance of recognizing and minimizing anxiety for cats in the clinic.  Both her patients and her own cats continue to teach and provide her with insights into the feline mind.

Doctor McGeorge shares her home with several cats and is the caretaker of a small colony of feral cats.  As part of her committment to cats, she is a strong supporter of efforts to reduce cat overpopulation by spaying and neutering stray and feral cats. She is a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners, The American Veterinary Medical Association, The American Animal Hospital Association, The Oregon Veterinary Medical Association and The Portland Veterinary Medical Association.


Carrie Goolsby, CVT
Carrie has been at The Cat Doctor since 2002, and Is a certified veterinary technician. She is most interested in Feline behavior and clinical pathology and soon hope to get her feline behavior certificate from the International Association of Animal Behavioral Consult.
Carrie is from Chicago and is a fan of all Chicago sports teams. She's also a working artists. Her studio assistants, Daisy Mae and Libby Bird, often give there hair of approval to most pieces.
Barbara Pellegrino, CVT
From a very young age Barbara has dreamt of working with animals.  After graduating high school she entered college and began veterinary technician program.  She always preferred felines over other animals, therefore in 2005 she jumped at the opportunity to work full time for a feline specialist. All of her clinical experiences since has been as a feline technician.
Debi Hager, Receptionist

Debi is a lifetime animal lover from her beginnings in Southern Oregon living on a small farm. She’s been working at The Cat Doctor since 2005. Currently, Debi has two cats, Cammie, a black shorthair, and Jude, a blue eyed flame-point bobtail.  Debi is learning a lot from Jude, as he has trained her to communicate what he wants to do so he can show her how smart he is by doing it when she asks him to.  

Connie Pixley , Receptionist

Connie was born and raised in Portland, a true blue Oregonian! After high school, she attended a trade school studying a veterinary assistant course. She was hired before graduating and have been in the field ever since. Shes been working for Dr. McGeorge since 2007. I live in Milwaukie with my family, 2 cats and 2 dogs.