Come See What Laser Therapy is About


On July 7th, Dr. Krista Morrow of Nu Moves will be having an open house at the Cat Doctor to answer questions about and provide laser therapy sessions for patients. At the open house, Dr. Morrow is offering 25% off consults and laser sessions for new laser patients. (Cats only please!)

According to Dr. Morrow laser therapy is a non-invasive, safe (drug-free), effective way to provide pain relief and speed healing time for conditions like arthritis, fracture and wound healing. Any patient with inflammation can gain relief from a laser therapy treatment! Laser therapy is the perfect treatment for cats with arthritis, neurological pain, those who are hard to pill, those who cannot tolerate medication well and more. For more information on laser therapy or to schedule an appointment, please contact Dr. Morrow directly at 360-953-0856 or visit her website at

Open House details: July 7th, 2015 by appointment through Dr. Morrow at 360-953-0856 or email Please contact Dr. Morrow directly to schedule your appointment. Patients who have had an exam within the last year and diagnosis by Dr. McGeorge will not require a new consult fee. New conditions and patients will be charged a consult fee.

Laser session price Regular price: $40-60 (cats) Open House Price: $30 –a 25% savings


Regular Consult Price: $65 Open House Consult Price: $49-a 25% savings.